My daughter damaged her foot – possibly a broken metatarsal but the hospital were not sure. After wearing an aircast for a few months, she was left with a limp and was in pain and could not walk for long. We visited Moira a few times, the first time she gave us some exercises and within a week there was a vast improvement. Moira gave more advice and exercises and within a week her limp had gone as had the pain. It will take a while longer to build her strength up properly but we are really pleased with the difference Moira has made. I was also a little apprehensive as my daughter is 11 and a little shy but Moira was great with her. My only regret is that we didnt visit Moira sooner.


Highly Recommend Moira

I came to Moira Sykes after I injured my knee during martial arts practice. I was given a routine and exercise plan that was simple, easy to follow and very effective. Clean facilities, Very Knowledgeable, Professional and friendly service. Highly recommended!


Patient Testimonial Knee Pain

My husband was seriously poorly seven years ago. He was sent home from Castle Hill and ‘we’ were lost ! Didn’t know who to turn too ! When our angel, Moira ,came into our lives ! So professional ! Knowledgeable ! She helped, guided, saved us ! If anyone wants to know any more I’m happy to discuss this more in depth !

Carole Jermyn-francis


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